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 wzup dudee?!

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PostSubject: wzup dudee?!   Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:26 am

Name (both ingame and real): sNABB_sOM_bLIXTEN ! / Fredrik

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:13443456

Age (must be at least 15 and prove maturity to clan members): 17 years old

What do you have to offer (ie. scripting, graphics, web design, coder, modeler, map maker?: None of that stuff. But I got pretty good aiming with all weapons and I play very often so Razz doing scrims everyday and aim_maps for better aim.

Previous Clans and reasons for leaving: None for a long time now.

Why do you want to join X? Because most of my ingame friends is here and they're funny to play and hang around with. c 0 r r u p t <3

Previous CAL/Scrim Experience? Alot. Can't name it all but I got good tactics, know english well, almost all spray and camp spot on almost every map. Known in Sweden for a good aim on LAN etc.

Yours HotPeppers I love you
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wzup dudee?!
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