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 Interested In Joining? Please read this first!

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Fade To Black

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PostSubject: Interested In Joining? Please read this first!   Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:29 pm

If you are interested in joining the X Clan please copy and paste this form into your post and fill it out. Please wait at least 1 week before bumping your post. If you do not qualify for X then please do not post until you do qualify. Please keep in mind that joining X is for competitive reasons, if you would like to be apart of the PWND Community you do not need to join X.



Name (both ingame and real):

Steam ID:

Age (must be at least 15 and prove maturity to clan members):

What do you have to offer (ie. scripting, graphics, web design, coder, modeler, map maker)?

Previous Clans and reasons for leaving:

Why do you want to join X?

Previous CAL/Scrim Experience?

All worthy candidates will go through a tryout process with one of our recruitment officers or a leader to determine skill and worthiness to join the clan.


"Through the darkness there is a light, a light that shows you the path to greatness" - Fade To Black
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Interested In Joining? Please read this first!
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