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 iroh banned

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PostSubject: iroh banned   Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:02 am

In-game name: iroh

Steam ID: 0:0:68538

Admin who banned you (if known): Fade to Black

Why were you banned (if known): Fade thinks I hack.

Proof (screenshot? witness? demo)? It would be interesting to see the proof.

I knew once #bYah joined with Fade's clan that this day would come. I would like to think that a whole community would not ban me becuase of one person's personall vendetta against me.

I have enjoyed playing with this community, under whatever name, for the last few months. The server is amazing, and so are the people involved. I'd like to think that the people in this community also enjoy playing with me. I feel this way because my opinions were asked about the server map rotation and settings when things were reforming. I've also volunteered my competitive experience to help with scrim teams and my skills as a web designer / developer to help with the community web presence.

Ask anyone that plays with me, and they will tell you I'm competitive. It's that competitive nature that drove me to play CS religiously for many years, and now that I'm a father, my job and family come first. I don't have the time to put forth to be competitive anymore, because if I played competitively, it would have to be at the only level I know - 100% dedication. This community has skilled players and players that are fun to play with ( mostly both, but not necessarily Razz ). This is why I enjoy playing with this community.

I know that some live in Ohio. I would be willing to play in front of those people, film my playing, or playing on LAN. However, those things don't erase the fundamental problem with my ban. Hacking is a crutch used by people to prevent themselves from improving. It's easy to say "oh, he's killing me, so he must be hacking", and with that no one will get better. I don't want that for anyone, including Fade 2 Black. On every team I have ever played on or coached, I have made it a strict rule to never accuse of hacking, and tried to instill that hacking is not even a thought. I lose a scrim or a round or get killed, and I evaluate EVERY death and EVERY loss - why did that happen? Then I make improvements. However, despite my love for the game and dedication, I'm still nowhere near the best. I've played some of the best on LAN, and might even think they were cheating if it weren't on LAN. That's how good they are, and how far I have to go if I ever wanted to be competitive at that level.

Anyways, I encourage all to think about this, and seriously consider this unban request.


Michael "iroh" Marr

P.S. I registered under this name, because Fade banned my forum account while I was originally typing this post.
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PostSubject: Re: iroh banned   Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:33 am

player wrote:
becuase of one person
make that two.

ive played with you only once now and you have two styles of play.
one where you look everywhere in every hiding place that someone can be and you prefire into places where nobody is. You look to where you hear sounds and you anticipate where they will be going to appear next. I believe that you do have some skills and you do know how to use them.

however, I have also noticed a distinct different style that you have that seems to come and go at times where you 'throw caution to the wind' and don't look anywhere. anywhere of course except for where they are. You will look at a place and wait for someone to round a corner at a distance where you can't hear anything. and that is completely normal because everyone likes to wait for there kills. but when there isn't anyone there, you don't even look at it. You will pass all of the common hiding places and go straight towards where someone is. In

several situations I have seen you watch a corner where someone just around it. again at a distance where sound cannot be heard. but then that person doesn't round the corner, instead they turn and go the other way. Immediately you move to the place they will appear. Again they don't go all the way around the next corner that your now looking at, but they turn and go back to yet another place. Ive seen this twice that I can remember on two different maps.
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Fade To Black

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PostSubject: Re: iroh banned   Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:47 am

4 of us have viewed the demo that i recorded of you and have determined that you were hacking we all liked the part towards the end where you followed people through the walls from the beginning of the round without seeing them first. the demo can be downloaded here:

megaupload.com LLP5PO0D

You are officially banned permanently and will never be allowed in this server again.

The official status of this request is: DENIED

On a side note:

I knew you were hacking from day one, yet you sought to ruin my reputation as a counter strike player and even make random arguments that clearly have nothing to do with the situation at hand. You DO have skill and we are not denying that, but you also hack, its obvious and will not be tolerated. You try to drag my name through the mud every time you get banned, first it was for your bad attitude and disrespect to other players/admins, and finally it was the proof of hacking that we all suspected. Please do not create anymore accounts on the forums and after you have had time to read this response you will be permanently banned from the forums as well.

Good luck and good bye iroh.




"Through the darkness there is a light, a light that shows you the path to greatness" - Fade To Black

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PostSubject: Re: iroh banned   Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:29 pm

Make that third :O?

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PostSubject: Re: iroh banned   

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iroh banned
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