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 How To Create A Custom Spray!

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PostSubject: How To Create A Custom Spray!   Sun Feb 15, 2009 8:10 pm

So lots of you have seen them, some of you may be wondering how to make them, i'm here to show you!

Today we are going to learn how to create a custom spray in Counter-Strike!

Step 1:

Find or make an image you want to use as your spray, like this one for example:

Step 2: Once you have your image your going to want to download the following program:

HL Tag Converter

Step 3: Once you have installed Hl Tag Converter open the program. Once the program is open click on the button called "open image".

Step 4: Once you have your image open your going to want to click on "adjust image".

Step 5: Once you click on adjust image you will notice that your image has been resized. Once this is complete and you have the desired look for your image click on "apply changes and convert to 256 color transparent".

Step 6: Once that is complete click on the button called "save tag"

Step 7: Select "export to WAD" and click "ok"

Step 8: Now save the file wherever is convenient for you, but make sure to call it "tempdecal"

Step 9: Cut and paste the now named "tempdecal.wad" file and paste it in the following directory:

C>Program Files>Steam>Steamapps>youraccountname>counterstrike>cstrike:

It should prompt you to overwrite and existing file. DO THAT!

Step 10: Finally, right click on the your "tempdecal.wad" file that is in your counter strike folder now and make sure "read only", select ok and your DONE!


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How To Create A Custom Spray!
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